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Preserving Your Restaurant’s Roof

For many people who own a restaurant, the roof is not a priority on a daily basis. With paying customers and employees inside, time is consumed with ensuring everything is going well underneath the roof. However, if you own a restaurant and the roof is damaged, that can lead to health code violations, injured employees and other problems you would likely prefer to avoid. To preserve the roof of your establishment, make a little time for the following tasks.

Watch for Obvious Signs that the Roof is Damaged

Every now and then, it’s wise to climb onto the roof of your restaurant to determine whether you can observe things that could mean that some damage has occurred. For instance, look for shingles that are missing or loose. Check the roof’s gutters to see if there are twigs, leaves or other debris which may stop water from flowing down into the downspouts. That could cause water to pool against the roof, which could eventually lead to a leak.

You can also look for signs of damage on the ceiling inside the restaurant. Look for stains, which may indicate a roof leak, or any other discoloration.

Look for Loose Flashing

Because your restaurant’s roof is likely to have vents, sklights and other protrusions, it is important to check the pieces of metal around them, also called flashing. When the flashing becomes loose, water can flow into the roof and the dining area or kitchen below. Monitor the flashing periodically to ensure it is tightly attached. If you see it’s loose, look for any signs of mold between the roof itself and the flashing. If there is some, have a professional clean and remove it. If not, use a screwdriver to tighten the flashing screws.

Get Heating Cords

If you have an old-style flat roof on your restaurant, too much ice or snow could threaten the roof. To make sure that the weight of the snow doesn’t result in a cave-in, you might want to get heating cords that will stay warm and melt ice or snow so it doesn’t build up. If your restaurant doesn’t have a flat roof, you may still want to install heating cords to prevent damage to the roof because of prolonged exposure to snow or ice.

There are just some of the things you’re able to do in order to make sure your roof continues to serve your restaurant well. For periodic assessments of the roof and to repair minor problems before they worsen, consult a roofer with commercial roof expertise such as Patrick Miller Construction.

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Answering Common Homeowner Questions About Staircases

Your home’s staircase may be essential for allowing you to access the upper floor of your house. However, this can be one part of the home that you may rarely spend time thinking about. By learning these answers for questions concerning staircase problems and upgrades, you will be better able to ensure that you are getting the most out of this part of your house.

Will You Be Able To Replace Wood Railing With Metal?

A staircase without railings can be extremely unsafe, and wood is a common material used for creating the railings for interior staircases. However, if you do not like the appearance of the wood or if it has fallen into disrepair, you may want to consider opting for a metal railing. These railings can be extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing, which may make it the perfect option for your needs.

Unfortunately, metal railings can be far heavier than wood ones, which may complicate this upgrade. Before the work on replacing the railing can start, it is essential for the contractor to thoroughly inspect the staircase to make sure that it can accommodate the additional weight. If the staircase is unable to hold this weight, it will be necessary to enhance the structural supports by adding additional support beams or supplementing the current ones with metal bracers.

What Could Cause The Staircase To Feel Wobbly?

One day, you may walk down the staircase and notice that it feels somewhat wobbly. Often, this problem may start out very minor, and it might only impact a portion of the stairs. However, this problem can be indicative of the staircase pulling away from the structural supports, and if this problem is not corrected, it can eventually result in the stairs collapsing. This type of damage can be particularly common in homes that have suffered issues with the foundation or that have recently experienced an earthquake. Regardless of the cause of the damage, it is imperative to have it inspected by a repair technician, such asnFinelli Architechtural Iron & Stairs, as soon as possible.

Being informed about your home’s staircase may not seem like a particularly important aspect of being a homeowner, but it can help you to address some of the issues that this part of the structure may experience. By knowing the steps for upgrading from wood railing to metal and what is causing the staircase to wobble, you will be better suited for getting the most from your staircase.

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4 Things To Consider When Installing Kitchen Countertops

If you are thinking about installing new kitchen countertops, with the help of a company like Rynone Kitchen & Baths, in your kitchen, you should put in a great deal of thought as to which countertop style is best. Doing this will ensure that your kitchen is functional for how you normally use it, as well as adds value to the home. Adding value to the home is especially important if you plan on selling the home in the future. Here are four things to consider when installing new kitchen countertops in your home:

  1. Color: There are many colors that countertops come in. The best way to determine what color is best for your home is based on how much natural lighting your kitchen gets. A kitchen with great natural lighting can definitely work well with dark kitchen countertops. If you want dark granite or marble, you should only install it if your kitchen gets great natural lighting. Otherwise, the darkness of the counters can make the room appear small. Lighting kitchen countertops can work in any space to make it appear open and airy. Just be sure that you also consider the color of your flooring and cabinets so that the counters don’t clash with it. 
  2. Durability: There are many countertop materials to choose from. The most common material types would be marble, granite, and laminate. You should definitely consider paying a higher price for more durable countertops like marble or granite if you use the kitchen often to cook. Laminate countertops are a good choice if you don’t use the kitchen often. Laminate can still imitate the look of granite or other natural stone, but won’t be as durable. 
  3. Popularity: If you are concerned about resale value of your home, then you should consider the popularity of kitchen countertops. The most popular type would be granite countertops because they are both durable and easy to clean. Many potential home buyers look for granite in the kitchen because they know they won’t have to replace it for a long time to come.
  4. Cleanliness: When you cook often in your kitchen, you are going to want countertops that are easy to clean. Keep in mind that while marble is durable, it’s more difficult to clean. If you are willing to put in the work to prevent staining by hiring professionals for cleaning and using special cleaners, then marble can work. Just be aware of the additional costs of cleaning. Granite is a bit easier to clean over marble. 

When you consider these four things, you can choose the right countertops for your kitchen. 

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4 Awesome Custom Features To Add To Your Home Renovations

When you choose to do custom renovations to your home, there are many things that you may want to consider, such as custom features like ceilings, archways and other architectural details. Some of the custom designs that you may want to consider can easily be installed in your home with premanufactured kits for an awesome look. Here are some awesome design ideas to consider for your next home renovation project:

1. Give A Wine Cellar An Authentic Look With A Catalan Vault

If you want to have a great look for the ceilings in your home, you may want to consider something a little different. If you have a wine cellar or large pantry, you may want to consider a Catalan vault, which is an authentic ceiling used in the wine regions of the Southern Pyrenees. It is a low-type of arch ceiling with slow graduating curves.  

2. Add A Tray Ceiling With Curves, Arch And Dome Designs

Tray ceilings can be another great custom design to add to your renovations. These can be many different types of tray designs, which include several tiers, arches and curved designs. When you have a tray ceiling trimmed, this can be a great place to add ambient and indirect lighting solutions to your home.

3. Giving Hallways And Entrances Barrel Ceiling Designs

Hallways are another area where you may want to consider improvements and custom designs. Barrel ceilings can be a great feature to add to these areas of your home. It can be a good way to hide imperfections, as well as to do improvements and upgrades to the mechanical systems and hide things like wires and pipes installed above the ceiling.

4. Using Prefabricated Kits To Create Custom Wall Finishes And Niches

There are also many different prefabricated kits that you can use to decorate the walls, create things like custom niches, or give a fireplace a custom shape. These kits can include curves and arches to give your new renovations and elegant finish. This can be a great solution in a bathroom, where you may want to have niches for storage, as well as curved designs for things like steps to a bathtub or shower wall.

These are some awesome ideas that you may want to consider for your next home renovation project. If you are ready to give your home a makeover, contact a building materials supplier, such as Nisbet Brower, to get the prefabricated products to give your renovations some of these awesome features.

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3 Tips To Get Through A Kitchen Remodel While Maintaining A Healthy Diet

Updating your home’s kitchen can be a great way to add value to your property for the future. Unfortunately, renovating a kitchen often means that you don’t have access to the appliances you need to prepare healthy meals for your family.

If you are worried about the toll a kitchen renovation will take on your diet, here are three simple ideas to help you avoid eating out while your kitchen is being renovated.

1. Invest in a quality crock pot.

When you don’t have access to your oven to bake meals for your family, having a quality crock pot could help you replicate some of the simple dishes you might normally prepare. Since crock pots are powered by electricity, they can be used anywhere there is a plug in your home. In addition to providing you with access to health meal options, crock pots make for easy clean up as well.

2. Try out some no-cook meal ideas.

There are many different foods that don’t require heat during the preparation process. Meals that feature these foods are commonly referred to as no-cook meals, and they make the perfect option for feeding your hungry family during a kitchen renovation.

Using meats that have been prepared at the supermarket (like rotisserie chicken or canned tuna fish), you can create delicious wraps and salads that will satiate the hunger of your family without requiring the use of an oven or stove top.

3. Set up a temporary kitchen in a basement or garage.

Having a dedicated space to prepare meals in can make it easier to keep your family on a healthy eating schedule. Setting up a temporary kitchen in your basement or garage gives you a work space that resembles a functioning kitchen.

Ask your contractor to place some of the old cabinets that will be replaced in your temporary kitchen space, and place a slab of plywood along the top to create counter space. Doing something as simple as recreating your kitchen layout in an alternate area can make it easier to stay organized and cook healthy meals during your kitchen remodel.

Finding simple ways to cook without access to your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. Invest in a quality crock pot, learn some no-cook meal recipes, and set up a temporary kitchen space to help you get through your next kitchen remodel without sacrificing a healthy diet. 

If you want to remodel your kitchen, check out remodeling contractors like Lifestyle Kitchen Designs.

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Why Your Bathroom May Be the Most Important Room in the House

Some people argue that the kitchen is the most important room in your residence, but when you actually figure the time you spend in the bathroom, it has to take first place. You can avoid just about every other room in the morning, but a working bathroom is essential. For several reasons, you should consider investing in making your bathroom comfortable and attractive.


Due to pressing hygiene concerns, you will be in the bathroom for a significant period of time each day. Since you have to be in there anyway, it’s important to make the room a pleasant place. For some people, taking a long, hot bath or shower may be the most relaxing thing they get to do all day. A deep bathtub and a powerful showerhead can provide the oasis you need to regroup so you can face the world again. For parents, the bathroom may provide the only place where they can retreat behind a locked door. A dingy, falling-apart bathroom is not only inconvenient, it can set a negative tone for your entire day. Plus, other people are going to see your bathroom and judge you for it. Having an attractive, fresh-looking bathroom removes stress from your life on many different levels. 


If you are planning to move at some point in the near future, having a good bathroom can make or break a sale. According to experts, the master bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms most important to potential home buyers. When you remodel, you should focus on making the bathroom look great through color and tile and not go broke spending money on high-end accessories that many people will not appreciate. You should spend money to provide a little luxury, however. One popular addition is heated floor mats. If you live in a cold climate, you would be thankful for these items every day during the winter. Prospective buyers will not forget them, either. For under a thousand dollars, you can install them and enjoy them right up to your move. 

Your bathroom needs to be an attractive place where you can relax while taking care of your hygiene routine. If you have to face cracking tile and stained fixtures every day, your mood is going to reflect that experience. You can make your bathroom a sanctuary with just a few upgrades in fixtures and paint. In addition, remodeling this “most important” room makes selling your home easier. If you want to improve your life, create a comfortable bathroom. 

For more ideas to update your bathroom, speak with a representative from a company like Christophers Bath and Kitchens.

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Choosing The Right Bathtub For Yoru Bathroon Remodel

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you should put a good deal of thought into the type of bathtub you have put in your bathroom. First, you’ll need to decide whether your bathtub is to be more for looks, comfort or to cater to mobility issues or other health problems. Once you determine this, the information in this article will help you to decide on a model.

Bathtubs for a good look

If you are most concerned about the appearance of your bathroom, then you will find a lot of tubs on the market that will add flair to the bathroom.

Clawfoot bathtubs: One type of tub is a clawfoot tub. This is a tub that sits off the ground on feet that generally have intricate designs. Clawfoot bathtubs can be traced back to the 1800’s and this helps add a vintage feel to the space.

Natural stone bathtubs: If you’re remodeling your bathroom to have an outdoor theme, you can find natural stone bathtubs in a variety of styles and shapes. You can get them in the shape of a waterfall, a rock textured basin or simply like a traditional tub made of stone-looking material.

Bathtubs for comfortable baths

If you are a person who wants to end your day by melting in a very comfortable bath while reading a good book, then you want to put the majority of focus on finding a bathtub that feels good.

Whirlpool bathtubs: A whirlpool bathtub will provide you with the chance to relax in a bath that feels more like a hot tub. The jets of a whirlpool tub can be adjusted to offer you massaging streams that help you feel great and relieve tired or achy muscles.

Custom-shaped bathtubs: You can have a custom- shaped tub put in your hoe that has a shape that fits your needs. Your tub can have a seat in it or it can even be shaped like a lounger. These tubs allow you to melt right to them so you get the most out of your bath.  

Bathtubs for mobility issues

When you have a hard time moving around your bathroom, it can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. It’s important you have a tub installed that creates a proper bathing experience for your needs.

Walk-in bathtubs: A walk-in bathtub allows you to walk right into it through a door in the side that seals completely when shut to keep the water in. It also has a slip-resistant seat and a handheld showerhead for easy bathing.

Step-up Bathtubs: If you have trouble maneuvering your leg over the side of the tub, you can get one that has a step midway up. This makes it a shorter distance that you have to lift your legs to enter the tub.

Work with your home improvement contractor to choose the right size and shape for your bathroom. Once you decide on the right bathtub for your needs, your contractor will be able to make any necessary changes and install it for you, along with taking care of the other changes you are having done.

To learn more, contact a company like Latocha Builders & Renovations Inc

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